Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Europe is Only Losing When it Comes to China

Europe may be China's single largest trading partner but China doesn't particularly seem to care. A series of events that started with the 2005 retracted promise of lifting the trade embargo placed on China after the Tiananmen Square incident of 1989 and extends through the EU's pressure on China to alter their human rights code have led to a Chinese distrust and dislike of Europeans. China is seemingly unwilling to deal with the EU unless they have to which could ultimately impede European chances of smoothly transitioning out of this recession. It also hinders a large amount of trade between the two bodies as the Chinese government is likely to step in to prevent any trading with Europe that they do not deem as being necessary. China is picking and choosing various European nations to deal with but is wary of the whole. The Chinese are currently in talks with the UK; Germany and France are also working to get on China's good side. Overall though, relations look bleak.

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